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Recording Studio

A recording studio designed for the ultimate creative experience. We love music and we love sound. As musicians, we understand the creative process and appreciate the importance of the vibe within it. We invested our many years of experience and knowledge to establish the ultimate music production environment for artists of any genre. (see below for further details).

Live Room

A vibrant live room. Our studio can comfortably fit a 3 piece band. A total area of 25sqm, which consists of 2 separate rooms. It has levels of sound reflection for choice of recording sound. We take pride in our fantastic selection of instruments and microphones. Everything is set up and ready to be played 24/7 : A fat sounding vintage Premier drum kit, Yamaha digital piano and a rich collection of guitars, bass guitars, percussion and other lovely sounding toys. Should you still be looking for more, you can find one of the world’s largest variety of quality musical instruments in the inspiring music stores of Denmark street, just around the corner.

Mixing Room

Great sounding mixing and mastering studio with a total area of 25sqm, we could easily fit loads of high end tools, including versatile and accurate monitoring systems ranging from Industry standard Yamaha NS10‘s to midfield Genelec to big blasting Focal. Our selection of pre amps and outboard combines top of the range iconic analogue brands such SSL, GML, Tube Tech to name a few with the latest software and digital sound tools available. (click here ).

Equipment List

AMEK BC2 recording console
SSL pre amps
Stereo SSL G compressor
Thermionic culture Phoenix mastering compressor
GML 8020 stereo mastering EQ
Universal audio 710 Twinfinity Pre amps
Drawmer 1960 pre amps
Drawmer compressors
Bellari RP282 Stereo Tube Compressor
Allen & Heath WZ3
Tube Tech summing mixer
Coleman M3PH MK2
EMT 250 Plate reverb unit
Lexicon PCM 96 effects unit
Lexicon PCM 80 effects unit
LYNX aurora

Genelec 1031A
Yamaha HS50

Mac Pro
Logic x
Pro tools 11
Waves mercury bundle
Sonnox complete
Native instruments komplete
Many many more  


Plus the rich selection of instruments of the stores of denmark street is at our door step  

Neumann 87s
Neumann 84s
Neumann 103s
AKG 414s

Coles 4038 Matched Pair
Sontronics Delta Ribbon
Sontronics ST1-S Matched Pair
Beyer Dynamic M201N
CAD M9 tube
AKG C3000
Audix D6

Vox AC30 63′
Fender Deville
Tech 21 Landmark 60
Ampeg SVT Tube DI

Yamaha Digital Piano
Gibson ES135
Fender Jazzmaster 65′
Fender Mustang 64′

Martin D18

Fender Precision Bass
Fender Jazz Bass
Tangelwood violin Bass
Classic Premier Drum kit
Various Zildjan cymbals
Various Korg keyboards
Various Rolands keyboard
Various guitar pedals

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